The results of the start of public, drive-up mass COVID-19 testing that started Thursday at Osceola Heritage Park will not be factored into the county’s testing and case totals for 48 to 72 hours, but it was a busy day.

The state of Florida recorded over 1,000 new cases for the first time in six days, and Osceola racked up 22 more on the day, as well as verified its seventh virus fatality. The Florida Department of Health does not yet have age or gender info on the latest victim. Osceola County is now at 449 cases and 128 current hospitalizations. The 22 cases is the single-biggest day since last Thursday, which had 23.

The state of Florida jumped from 28,576 to 29,648 cases over the course of the day, and from 927 to 987 deaths; the state should reach 1,000 by the mid-day report tomorrow.