The City of Kissimmee’s Economic Development Office has opened the GrowthWheel™ Scholarship Program application process to continue providing one-on-one business coaching opportunities to companies located within City limits. 

This program, which is part of Operation Business Boost, is a stackable business assistance and growth program to help entrepreneurs continue with their recovery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. GrowthWheel™ helps companies recover as well as thrive in this new business environment. Company owners are exposed to tailored coaching to best meet their needs, including pivoting their operations, products, sales, business-to-business development, and customer segmentation. 

In 2021, the City sponsored businesses to participate in the GrowthWheel™ program, which provides customized business coaching for 6-months. Companies that went through the pilot program had extraordinary measurable successes. Through their six-month coaching, participating companies saw at least a 10% increase in revenue and gained valuable knowledge to continue with their success.  

To learn more about Operation Business Boost and the GrowthWheel™ Scholarship program, visit