Martyn Somers was recognized during the City of Kissimmee Commission Meeting last night, June 4, 2019 for his almost 48 years of service to the City of Kissimmee and its citizens. Somers started with the City on September 15, 1971, at the age of 17 as a meter reader, and has been a vital member of the Public Works Department ever since making him the longest tenured employee the City of Kissimmee has ever had.

Martyn has brought his strength of character and steadfast resolve to the role of Traffic Superintendent for the last 21 years of his notable career, overseeing all of the traffic signals in the City of Kissimmee, Osceola County, and even St. Cloud. When anyone had questions involving traffic or topics in his area of expertise, Martyn was the go-to Superintendent. Martyn also oversees all of the operations of the Sign Shop, street lining, and traffic monitoring.

His career stands as an example to all of the employees of the City of Kissimmee, not only for its tenure but for the strength of character and inspiring work ethic he employes every day.  Martyn was one for the City of Kissimmee School of Government instructors, he educated the class on the day to day operations of his department and made all of the students personalize mini street signs.

Martyn leaves behind a truly dedicated staff that works with him on a daily basis to improve the community and keep the citizens’ commute safe. Martyn’s leadership and dedication are greatly appreciated.

The City of Kissimmee Commission presented Martyn with a retirement watch and thanked him for the many years of dedicated service, wishing him the best of luck in the future. 

Congratulations Martyn on your retirement and thank you again for your service to the City of Kissimmee!