Two young exhibitors were awarded the title of Grand Champions for their hog and goat last night during the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show.

Rhett Coggins, 11 years old, has been showing hogs for 3 years. His hog, Roscoe was awarded Grand Champion Market Hog out of 116 other hogs. Interesting fact about Roscoe is that he was born and raised in Osceola County, most of the livestock in the show come from up north. Rhett’s favorite part about being involved in the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show is raising and showing the hogs.

Maci Puckett won Grand Champion Market Goat last night for her goat, Gator. Maci, age 13, has been showing goats for 2 years now. When asked how she come up with the name Gator for her goat she told us that her family loves the Gators and thought it would be a neat name.
Gator competed against 16 other goats for the title of Grand Champion Market Goat.

“My favorite part of being involved in the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show is showing them (the livestock) and getting ready for shows so they can be judged how they look and on what they can do.” – Maci Puckett

Later today Rhett and Maci will be judged on their showmanship, how well they control and show their animal. Both planned to continue to stay involved in the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show in the future.

Tonight, starting at 5:30 pm there will be a Market Auction where attendees will be able to bid on the livestock that participated in last night’s show with the winners auctioned off first. The market sales for last year were $5,454. The money the exhibitors make from the auction go towards college funds and future education as they all prepare to be leaders in the community.

The admission to the Market Auction is included in the general admission to the Osceola County Fair. Please visit to register as a buyer for the auction and be sure to arrive an hour early to enjoy the Buyer’s Reception.

Congratulations again to Rhett and Maci for winning Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show Grand Champion Market Hog and Goat.