After Mother’s Day, when we show appreciation for the mothers in our lives, it’s time for a day that focuses on their medical health and well-being.

Today is National Women’s Checkup Day, annually the second Monday in May, and each year it focuses on the importance of regular routine visits for women.

As part of National Women’s Health Week, the observance provides ways to help women take steps to maintain better health. health checkups provide an opportunity to catch problems before they become unmanageable. Speaking with your physician about risk factors, early signs and symptoms and concerns can help to alleviate minor daily issues and identify issues to watch. Additionally, your physician can recommend screenings and order baseline tests that can be used for comparison at a later time.

Yearly well-woman visits are important and should include discussions of your health habits and family history, setting health goals and scheduling or receiving screenings or necessary exams. Screening would include blood pressure, cholesterol, cervical cancer, and others.

For #WomensCheckupDay, encourage the women in your life to schedule a checkup; ladies, do it yourself if you haven’t had one recently. Make a list of concerns before you go as well as any family history important to note. Include on your list questions to ask your physician, too. For more on women’s health and wellness, go to

Here’s to the health of the women we all love!