Beginning this morning (Monday) at 8:30am, Positively Osceola will feature the Central Florida Animal Reserve (CFAR) as together we invite viewers from all over Central Florida and globally to watch “CFAR & Beyond,” a video-based mini educational series for the entire family on Positively Osceola’s Facebook page.

The video series will bring CFAR into their home making it possible to learn about Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and Cougars. CFAR & Beyond will take the viewer on a virtual tour of how the Cats live, eat and play. In addition, you will experience how the Cats are cared for, experience multiple species up close, and other educational opportunities. CFAR’s Dr. Wiltz and Kelley will share with you how the Cats communicate, their daily diet, enrichment stimulation, natural behaviors, how they play and what are their favorite toys! CFAR & Beyond will take you into the day in the life of a Tiger, Leopard and Lion at CFAR.

It all begins today at 8:30am and will consist of 9 (3 to 4 minutes each) episodes that will air Positively Osceola’s Facebook page during the week for three weeks (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 a.m. and Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m.) and then an episode will air on the weekends for those who missed “CFAR & Beyond” during the week. See you on Positively Osceola’s Facebook!