Huntington Learning Center has been integral in assisting students in Osceola County throughout the 2020-2021 school year amid the obvious challenges of the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s now time to rebound from the challenging school year with a fun and educational summer that helps get your student ready for next year, whether they’re in elementary, middle, or high school.

During Huntington Learning Center’s next FREE webinar, this Thursday, April 22nd, Huntington’s educator will focus on how you can create a fun summer learning plan that restores your student’s motivation and excitement about school and helps them build a foundation of knowledge for next year.

The webinar will cover:
• The COVID learning slide vs. the typical summer slide
• The importance of creating a learning routine
• How to bring back the FUN: Tips for creating a summer learning schedule for elementary school students
• Sample summer schedule for elementary students
• What summer learning for middle school can look like
• What summer learning for high school can look like
• Why summer tutoring is valuable this year especially
• How Huntington can help this summer
• Q&A that comes up during the FREE webinar

To register now for the Thursday, April 22nd webinar, go to, then click on Resources on the top menu and drop down to webinars. It’s FREE and a great way to ensure your student has a fun summer, but one that will re-energize learning for the next school year!