According to the Fall Travel Forecast released by Expedia, and Vrbo, the surge in travel demand seen over the summer is projected to continue into the cooler months, with the travel brands showing year-over-year search increases for fall getaways.

According to Expedia, flight searches for fall are up 15%, and hotel searches increased 20% compared to fall 2022.1 As temperatures drop, so do prices, providing plenty of opportunities for budget-savvy travelers to score a getaway for less.

“Forget pumpkin spice everything season, fall is now travel everywhere season. For people not beholden to school schedules, people without kids and deal-hunters, the so-called shoulder season between summer and the holidays is prime time for a getaway,” says Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group brands public relations. “It’s the time of year when average prices drop and availability opens up, ideal for taking that final beach trip or heading to less crowded cities overseas. That secret is out, and searches are up across Expedia, and Vrbo.”

As non-peak season, fall is consistently one of the best times of the year to get away for less, with average ticket prices (ATPs) for domestic flights 10% lower than they were during the peak summer months, and international ATPs around 5% cheaper.

For the biggest flight savings, Expedia recommends taking off the week of October 24, when domestic ATPs are nearly 20% cheaper than the summer average, and international ATPs are roughly 15% cheaper.2

Now is the perfect time to lock in a fall escape; on average, the sweet spot for booking domestic flights is around 30 days in advance, while international travel should be booked as early as possible. These are just a few of the destinations where ATPs are currently 20% cheaper or more compared to summer:

  • Domestic: Juneau (35% cheaper); Denver (20% cheaper); Chicago (20% cheaper)
  • International: Oslo, Norway (40% cheaper); Tokyo, Japan (20% cheaper); Florence, Italy (20% cheaper)

After Labor Day, prices for Vrbo private vacation rentals in top beach destinations fall even though the weather stays warm through much of September and October. Travelers can typically save an average of 25% or more in the Vrbo app during the early fall shoulder season in these popular destinations:3

  • Outer Banks, North Carolina; South Padre Island, Texas; Gulf Shores, Alabama; Miramar & Rosemary Beach, Florida; Hilton Head, South Carolina

Travelers ready for a change of pace after spending all summer at the beach are also in luck. Prices for Vrbo vacation homes in trending urban destinations, including Seattle and San Diego, also dip.

When kids go back to school, DINKs — aka couples with double incomes and no kids — are packing their bags. According to, 70% of DINK travelers say they prefer to vacation in the fall when they can fully enjoy hotel amenities and entertainment. This conveniently coincides with a 90% drop in searches for family-friendly stays during September in the app.

  • New York City, Paris, London, Las Vegas and San Diego are among the most searched destinations for couples traveling this fall on the app.
  • DINK travelers are going big and planning weeklong fall trips this year, on average seven days.
  • 70% of DINKs say they don’t have kids because they like having more disposable income for things they enjoy. For almost half (44%), this extra cash goes toward travel, luxurious hotel stays, and eating out.
  • Nearly three-in-four couples (73%) believe they go on nicer vacations than their friends with kids.

So, as summer becomes more in the rear view mirror, it looks like those whose schedule permits will take advantage of lower prices, cooler temps, and less packed vacation spots, to enjoy some quality fall getaways.