Experience Kissimmee, the official tourism authority promoting Osceola County,  recently released comprehensive research conducted by Tourism Economics that outlines the substantial economic impact of the tourism industry on Osceola County. This study highlighted that between 2022 and 2023, the industry generated an impressive $10 billion, greatly bolstering the local economy.

Osceola County welcomed around 10 million overnight visitors who spent nearly $6.5 billion in the local area, marking a record year for the Tourism Development Tax (TDT). These figures not only underscore the critical role of tourism in the regional economy but also reflect the benefits reaped by the community from these high visitor numbers.

“A visit to Kissimmee offers more than just endless good weather and incredible visitor experiences. It also translates into tangible benefits for our residents,” said DT Minich, President and CEO of Experience Kissimmee. “For every person we welcome to Kissimmee, it means job opportunities, tax relief, competitive wages and an improved community for Osceola County residents.” 

Tourism is Central Florida’s largest employer, responsible for about 450,000 jobs or 37% of the regional workforce.
Specifically, in Osceola County, the sector employs around 39,000 people or 36% of the county’s workforce, spanning various job levels from entry-level to executive positions.

In 2022 alone, tourism-generated state and local taxes amounted to approximately $640 million in Osceola County. These funds are instrumental in supporting vital community programs including public events, sports facilities, arts, and education, thereby saving local households an average of $4,700 in taxes annually.

The surge in TDT collections in 2023, which totaled $81 million—up from $76 million the previous year—enabled Experience Kissimmee to distribute over $5.3 million to community non-profits, enhancing cultural and historical initiatives across the county.

Experience Kissimmee is also about giving back to the community that it represents, and last week, DT Minich, President and CEO of Experience Kissimmee, presented a total of over $1.1 Million to seven organizations in Osceola County that consistently make a positive impact in the community.

This is what each of those seven organizations received from EK:

  • Kissimmee Gateway Airport- $28,941  
  • Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show- $91,646
  • Osceola Center for the Arts- $437,549  
  • Osceola Chamber- $11,576  
  • Saint Cloud Chamber- $11,576  
  • Silver Spurs, Inc.- $183,293  
  • Welcome Center (Historical Society)- $347,293  

Sustainability Efforts

Furthering its commitment to environmental sustainability, Experience Kissimmee, in partnership with Trees4Travel, has implemented a program that plants a tree for every hotel room night booked. Since its inception in May 2023, the initiative has led to the planting of over 17,000 trees worldwide, promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.

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For further information about the economic impact of tourism in Osceola County and to view detailed data from the Tourism Economics study, please visit:

Experience Kissimmee continues to play a pivotal role in shaping Osceola County’s economic landscape through strategic marketing and community-focused initiatives, ensuring the tourism sector remains a cornerstone of regional prosperity.