A man was killed and a woman tried to kill herself at an apartment complex in St. Cloud, Police Chief Douglas Goerke said in a news briefing Wednesday.

According to St. Cloud Police, they received a 911 call around 3:20pm on Wednesday afternoon from the Soleil Blu Apartment Complex at Neptune Bay Circle, off Sergeant Graham Drive between U.S. 192 and Neptune Road from a neighbor who said a child came to him from an upstairs apartment saying her father was hurt. The neighbor went upstairs with the child to the apartment and found a man laying on the floor covered in blood. The neighbor quickly left the apartment with the child and called police.

Shortly after, police said they received a call from a woman who said she had received a text from the suspect who said she had killed her husband and was going to kill herself, Goerke said.

St. Cloud Police arrived at the apartment minutes later, breaching the apartment front door to gain access, then finding a man on the floor covered in blood suffering from multiple stab wounds. He was moved to the patio where it was discovered he had died, Goerke said. Police then breached the master bedroom door as they looked for the woman and found a trail of blood leading to a bathroom. Officers breached that door as well and found a woman with lacerations on her wrists. After placing tourniquets on the woman’s wrist to stop the bleeding, she was woman was taken to HCA Florida Osceola, where Chief Goerke said she is listed as in stable condition.

The child who alerted the neighbor, and another who lived in the home, both school-aged, were being cared for by the police until other arrangements for them could be arranged.

The identities of the man and woman have not been released.