There’s a new Big Boss in town, and her name is Sara, Sara Berlinsky that is. Sara Berlinsky is the “Big Boss” of the Silver Spurs Riding Club for the 2023-2024 term, and with her deep-rooted passion for preserving Osceola County’s heritage and her dedication to community service, Sara is the perfect choice to lead the organization and uphold its values.

Sara’s story is firmly rooted in the heart of St. Cloud. From a young age, she grasped the significance of community engagement and the preservation of Osceola County’s agricultural heritage. It was this understanding that propelled her into becoming a dedicated volunteer at the Silver Spurs Riding Club, and to be a committed part of the Silver Spurs Rodeo.

“I am looking forward to continuing the rodeo’s legacy of success while continuing to shine a spotlight on the organization’s impact on the community through scholarships, donations, and the Special Rodeo. I am honored to be the club’s Big Boss this year and have big boots to fill,” Big Boss Sara Berlinski shared with Positively Osceola.

A proud mother of two boys, Tripp and Eli, Sara has instilled in them the same values of empathy and civic duty. Tripp and Eli have been her steadfast companions, joining her in volunteer activities even when they were nestled in car seats.

Sara’s journey with the Silver Spurs Riding Club began at age 16 when she started selling snowcones. Over the years, she played a pivotal role in reviving the Special Rodeo following the construction of the new arena at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmeer in 2002. This event, which many of the Silver Spurs Riding Club will tell you is their favorite rodeo event, offers children with special needs in Osceola County the chance to enjoy the delight and thrill of a simulated rodeo experience on the same dirt rodeo professionals around the country compete on in the Silver Spurs Arena.

Sara’s overarching goal for the year ahead is to preserve the rodeo’s illustrious history of accomplishments while also shining a more vibrant light on the organization’s meaningful contributions to the community.

As the 2023-2024 Big Boss, Sara Berlinsky embodies the spirit and values of the Silver Spurs Riding Club. With her leadership, the organization will continue to thrive, leaving an indelible mark on the community while honoring Osceola County’s heritage.

Congratulation to Sara Berlinsky, Positively Osceola looks forward to working with you and the Silver Spurs Riding Club over the next year!

The best in professional rodeo action returns to the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee October 7, 2023 at 7:30pm with a one-night-only rodeo, Boots, Bulls and Barrels event you do not want to miss!

For tickets go to Tickets start at $20 for adults and kids 10 and under are FREE!