As the 2020 hurricane season churns on, so are two weather disturbances in the Atlantic that have  a strong possibility of development within the next few days.

The National Hurricane Center has increased the chances that the two disturbances will become tropical depressions or storms soon.

The first system, in the eastern Caribbean Sea, has a 60% chance of development within the next five days, forecasters are saying. “A tropical depression could form late this week or this weekend when it reaches the northwestern Caribbean Sea,” the hurricane center said.

The second of the two systems is far out in the Atlantic, about halfway between Africa and the Caribbean, and is producing a focused area of showers and thunderstorms. NHC forecasters are saying the storm is likely to build into a tropical depression within the next day or two, putting those odds at 70%.

We will continue to update these two weather disturbances as the National Hurricane Center provides more information.