As of Saturday morning’s 5 a.m. update from the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Isaias was about 80 miles south-southeast of the Bahamas, and was continuing to churn northwest at about 12 mph, a bit of a slowdown from late Friday night, as it begins its track toward Florida’s east coast.

Isaias is experiencing a bit of wind shear which is keeping its growth controlled a bit. The track has also shifted slightly east since the last NHC update at 11pm Friday night, which is a good thing for the Osceola County area, and the east coast of the state.

After pulling away from the northwestern Bahamas later Saturday, Isaias is expected to skirt the east coast of the Florida peninsula beginning with the southeast coast Saturday afternoon through Sunday, according the National Hurricane Center.

Sunday afternoon around 2pm should be the closest Isaias is the Osceola County.

A tropical storm warning has been issued for Osceola County as 39-73mph sustained winds from Isaias are expected within the eastern portions of the county within the next 36 hours.

Take the time today to examine your hurricane supplies and also remove any loose debris that might be around your home. Also safely examine your gutters and nearby sewer drains in preparation for potential heavy amounts of rain.