Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, and with the help of social media, the awareness of this day continues to grow each year, but should it be just one day a year?

We often hear of people paying it forward in the Starbucks drive thru line, or paying for someone else’s toll at the toll booth, or volunteering at a local charity. Whatever it is, it doesn’t take much to make someone else’s day just a little brighter, just by showing a bit of kindness to them.

Even the smallest of gestures can turn someone’s day around. For some, it’s hard to think of how to start, or what to do that make a positive difference in someone’s day… so perhaps start with something small, like opening the door for someone as they are about to enter WaWa for coffee, or just saying hi as you walk into the elevator, or saying thank you or please to someone that is serving you at breakfast or lunch.

How often do you ask the cashier at 7-11 how their day is going, and when they tell you… do you encourage them?

You never know what people are going through in life, and as we all tend to rush from responsibility to responsibility, sometimes we simply forget to positively engage with others and let others know they are valued, and appreciated. You never know what will inspire and motivate people to perhaps start a challenging day over.

Yes, this all sounds simple… because it is, and we know it is. We just need to do it.

If that’s something you already do… then bravo! Kick it up a notch. Give a call to a local non-profit agency that is vital to our community all year-round. Like these amazing organizations:

1. Community Hope Center
2. Help Now Osceola
3. Meals On Wheels Osceola
4. A Place for Grace
5. Education Foundation of Osceola County
6. Osceola Animal Services
7. Snip-it Clinic
8. McCormick Research Institute

Yes, this is the day recognized as the National Random Acts of Kindness Day, but will a little extra positive thought, it can be every day in and around Osceola County