Osceola County animal advocates of adoption of shelter pets will be very happy with a new ordinance passed last week by the Board of County Commissioners.  The ordinance mandates that any new outlets opening that sell pets must get those animals from animal shelters or other pet-rescue operations, and not from commercial breeders, brokers or wholesalers.

It’s an attempt to limit animals coming from crowded breeding mills, where they can carry infectious diseases; Florida pet stores are a primary destination for mill-generated dogs and cats.

The main point of the new ordinance “requires that pet shops utilize an adoption-based business model, which ensures that the transactions for animals at retail outlets are sourced from shelters and animal rescue organizations, encouraging the adoption of homeless pets and reducing the financial and emotional toll on consumers who purchase mill-bred pets with latent physical and behavioral problems.”

Osceola County is doing what other Florida counties have already done. An “Adoption-Based Business Model” means one where dogs and cats offered must be taken in by an animal shelter rescue organization to re-home stray and abandoned pets.

Any pet shop found to be in violation of the provisions of this new ordinance could be charged with a misdemeanor. Each animal kept or sold in violation of this Section will be deemed a separate offense.

The new language does not apply to lawfully-operating pet shops already in business, until they are sold, lose or let their business licenses lapse, or become in violation of any local, state or federal regulations; at that time, the pet shop shall be subject to this section.

Looking to adopt a pet? Osceola County Animal Services, in partnership with Christmas for the Kids Osceola, have waived cat adoption fees and dog adoption fees are $10 when you donate a new, unwrapped child’s toy with a minimum value of $10. Help a homeless pet and help children in need this holiday season! This special is good through December 23rd.

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