The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are slated to re-open on July 11 after a four-month closure due to the coronavirus.

But they are not the next Disney parks to open. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will reopen from the COVID-19 closure on July 1, using much the same blueprint for opening as when Shanghai Disneyland re-opened on May 11, at about one-third capacity to visitors who bought online, reserved tickets, using a similar reservation system to what guests will use for the Florida parks.

As at other Disney theme parks worldwide, temperature screenings and social distancing will be in effect. However, unlike the domestic parks, Tokyo is allowing masks, which everyone from guests to employees to cast members must wear, to be removed “in order to prevent heat stroke, during the summer season when the temperature and humidity are high, if guests are outdoors with adequate distance from other people, masks may be removed.”

On July 15, when Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios open here, Disneyland Paris is scheduled to begin a phased re-opening as well.