Here’s an idea if you’re running out of them for things to do around the house: think about a garden, and today’s a perfect day for it.

April 14 is recognized as National Gardening Day, and growing a garden can provide a fresh source of fruit and vegetables — avoiding part of a trip to the grocery store, which is topical right now — and make the outside of your home look nicer with flowers and houseplants. Start today, pick up a shovel and some seeds, and add a little bit each day and benefit from time spent in the garden that provides physical activity and an opportunity to join with nature.

There are plenty of books, online guides and resources for those without green thumbs. Some areas have community gardens or garden clubs. Visit Quarto Homes on Facebook and Instagram for more gardening information

Need a suggestion for what to grow? How about a pecan tree? April 14 is also National Pecan Day.