The Publix supermarket chain is doing what it can to make it as safe as possible while shopping at its grocery stores.

While it’s up to shoppers to wear their masks and stay at least six feet from each other, Publix is adding new policies, including one-way aisle markers, to help its customers and employees maintain social distancing.

A local store this week employed blue arrows at the end of aisles indicated the direction of travel for that aisle. A blue ‘X’ acted as a ‘One Way’ or ‘Do Not Enter’ sign. Shoppers are less likely to pass each other and come in close contact that way in aisles. Lines six feet apart, the outer edge of where the CDC says droplets from sneezes and coughs can travel, mark where those who have to stand in line should wait.

Publix also asks that just one person per household go to shopping at a time.

The chain has already installed Plexiglass at registers, customer service desks and pharmacies at all of its stores in order to better protect both customers and employees like cashiers and customer service representatives.