Orange-Osceola State Attorney Monique Worrell hosted a summit on Monday, focusing on gun violence prevention in Orange and Osceola counties. The event took place in Orlando and was attended by community leaders, law enforcement officials, and elected officials from both counties.

The state attorney also brought in experts from outside Florida including Chicago, Jacksonville, and Los Angeles, who shared what programs and initiatives have worked reduce gun violence in their cities. By learning from these programs, Worrell said she hopes to find effective strategies to reduce gun violence in Orange and Osceola counties.

Devone Boggan from California leads Peacemaker Fellowship, a group that identifies potential dangerous shooters and works with them on mental health, life skills, and job development, attended the summit on Monday.

Peacemaker Fellowship pays allowances of up to $500 a month for minors and $1,000 for adults, hoping to change the path they are on in life, helping them become contributing members of the community.

The summit featured panel discussions on topics such as community engagement, mental health and crisis response, and violence prevention strategies. The panelists included local law enforcement officials, mental health professionals, and community activists, who shared their perspectives on the challenges facing the region and potential solutions that could be implemented.

Also in attendance were Kissimmee Police Chief Betty Holland, Captain Wilson Munoz, and members of the St. Cloud Police Department.