Orlando International Airport (MCO) ended 2021 as the busiest airport in Florida. With all the numbers counted, 40.3 million passengers traveled through Orlando International Airport for the year, up over 86 percent from 2020 totals. This was enough to propel MCO from 9th to 7th busiest airport in the nation. In 2019, prior to the pandemic, MCO registered 50.6 million passengers.

“With over 40 million annual passengers, we are pleased to remain the busiest airport in the state of Florida,” says Carson Good, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “When the pandemic first hit, many predicted it would take several years to recover. By continuing airport operations and construction of the South terminal, our board demonstrated confidence in Central Florida’s amazing resilience and 2021 turned out much better than anyone expected. I expect 2022 to be another year of growth for Orlando and the region.”

Contributing to the strong year-end numbers was the resumption of international service to Brazil and England, including first ever service to one of the world’s busiest airports, London, Heathrow.

Orlando International also secured new service to Hawaii. Year-end 2021 Statistical Data:

  • Domestic traffic jumped 92 percent over 2020 with a total of 38,400,636 passengers in 2021.
  • International traffic was up 20.51 percent over 2020 on the strength of Great Britain and Brazil reopening with 1,950,432 passengers.
  • Combined travel posted an increase of 86.66 percent over 2020 with 40,351,068 total travelers in 2021.

December Statistical Data:

  • Domestic traffic climbed 86.87 percent over December 2020 with 3,783,847 passengers at MCO.
  • International traffic increased 357.13 percent over December 2020 with 390,758 travelers.
  • Combined, overall traffic was up 97.82 percent over 2020 with 4,174,605 total passengers.