A gunman, identified as Gary Lindsey Jr., shot an Orlando police officer and is holding four children hostage during a stand off with law enforcement, according to Police Chief John Mina.

Chief Mina reported that the incident took place around 11:45 p.m., Sunday night, at the Westbrooke Apartments after a woman made a domestic violence call to police. Upon the officers’ arrival she told the officers that her boyfriend had physically battered her.

Orlando Police Officers arrived at the apartment and were met with gunfire through the door. One of the officers was shot in the face and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. The officer is expected to survive.

Lindsey barricaded himself inside the apartment with four children, two of whom were his and two his girlfriend’s who initially called the police.

The officer who was seriously injured in the shooting has been with the Orlando Police Department for under than two years.

It has been reported that Lindsey has a history of mental illness and violent behavior.

Chief Mina has said that Lindsey has not threatened to harm the four children.