On Tuesday April 3rd at 5pm the City of St. Cloud Parks and Recreation will host the grand opening of FitCore Extreme at Godwin Park, located at 317 Delaware Avenue.  St. Cloud is the first in the state to have a recreational course such as this and one look and you’ll be reminded of the TV show American Ninja Warrior. The course may not have a warped wall but it does have 45 degree running steps, waiting to challenge anyone who gives it a try.

While we were at Godwin Park checking out the course not only were people already testing their fitness and stamina on FitCore Extreme (you don’t have to wait until Tuesday to give it a try), but it seemed to be spurring other higher level fitness activities such as boxing, running, sprinting and more all around the area. It was great to see that kind of action taking place at Godwin Park, which already has tennis and racquetball courts.

The design of the course is impressive and it looks as if it’s built to last, so do your best to stop by Godwin Park in St. cloud, Click Here for Location, Tuesday at 5pm for the official opening. You’ll be impressed. It’s two thumbs up from Positively Osceola! It’s a win for the City of St. Cloud and it’s a win for the residents!

For more information please visit www.stcloud.org or call (407) 957