Get ready Osceola County,  Major Arena Soccer League is coming to Kissimmee in December!  The Major Arena Soccer League (MASL)  formally announced today at Osceola Heritage Park that the leagues’s newest team, the Orlando SeaWolves, is coming to play at Osceola Heritage Park’s Silver Spurs Arena this December, and that there will be open tryouts May 19-20 at XL Soccer World,  located at 825 Courtland St. in Orlando.

The MASL explained that the name “Orlando Sea Wolves was chosen from 2,800 user-submitted suggestions. “Our sea wolf is perfectly at home on land, but can kick it with the gators, too,” said SeaWolves General Manager Chris Kokalis.

So get ready soccer fans… the inaugural Sea Wolves season kicks off this December at the Silver Spurs Arena. We’ll be sharing more exciting information about the team as it becomes available!