As we always say at Positively Osceola… nothing positively affects a growing community like the arts, and that truth was represented once again in last weekend’s final performance of the Addams Family at Osceola Arts in Kissimmee!

Upon entering the Osceola Arts Theatre for The Addams Family production, we knew we were in for a spooky treat, and that’s what we were hoping for!

Each side of the stage was set with eerie graveyards and there was a faint fog that helped guide us into the Halloween spirit.

As the overture began the once again sold-out audience began clapping and “snapping” their fingers  along to the infamous tune that opened every Addams Family episode. (Not old enough to remember? Just search for it on Youtube).

As the show opened and the curtain retracted, we met… The Addams Family. That’s where the fun began… a dance number, the introduction to the Addams family ancestors and a problem revealed. Wednesday Addams had fallen in love with a boy whose family was everything the title characters were not: bright, optimistic and of course… ‘normal.’ A bit of an introductory meeting was set up and calamity ensued.

Filled with contemporary songs and complementary choreography the cast delivered outstanding vocals and crisp dance moves, which was expected at Osceola Arts. We love the emphasis is placed on quality dance choreography at Osceola Arts!

We loved the visually stunning sets, designed by Cliff Price and outstanding costumes, created by Matthew Carl, Both truly heightened the overall look and feel of the production.

Cast highlights included Moriticia’s (Mahalia Gronigan) perfect balance of stellar vocals and slinky, sultry mannerisms, Gomez’s (Yan Diaz) hysterical laugh and multitude of facial expressions, Pugsley’s (Logan Clinger) ear-piercing shrieks and the cute chemistry of Wednesday (Grace Gustino) and Lucas (Christopher Robinson).

Add in outstanding supporting performances from Uncle Fester (Garrett Williams), Lucas’ parents, Mal (Elijiah Gragg) and Alice (Sarah Marshall), and Lurch (Michael Lupo) to complete this perfectly dysfunctional cast of characters.

The Addams Family was a “mysteriously” theatrical treat and as the opener of the 2019-2020 theatre season, and leaves Positively Osceola excited for what is to come! Well done Osceola Arts and congratulations to the cast of the Addams Family!