The Osceola County Courthouse reopened this week, and the Osceola Clerk of Court has provided instructions for those who need to visit the Courthouse building from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (After 4 p.m., customers can utilize their online services at OsceolaClerk.comincluding a new Check-In process.

Tables and tents will be located to the right of the Courthouse building where County Administration, Court Administration, and Clerk’s staff will be located. Customers can check in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment, and will receive a confirmation text confirming their appointment time and spot in line, and then another when they are to receive a court pass to enter the building for service. That pass will enable them to get a health screening performed. Customers are encouraged to wait away from the check-in station.

Customers will be required to wear a face mask that properly covers the nose and mouth while they are in all common/public areas, and follow floor markings to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Please don’t be accompanied by any family or friends that are not being serviced. An exception will be made for those who are filing for an injunction.

“The safety of the Osceola County community and our staff is our number one priority,” said Chief Deputy Jennifer Soto. “We have placed multiple resources and time into this plan so that we can safely resume our operations. It’s our goal to continue bringing excellent service to our community as we go through the different phases of recovery, and we will continue working towards that goal.”