The number of coronavirus cases in Osceola County is up a bit. But so is the amount of data coming in from testing.

According to the Florida Department of Health this morning, Osceola County recorded 38 new cases over the weekend, the highest back-to-back reporting days here since the height of the case wave in early April. But that was based on 1,135 lab tests returned (again, the highest number of tests in back-to-back days). Of those, 3.3 percent were positive tests, still lower than the 4.54 percent rate for Osceola County since March and the 5.4 percent rate for the entire state.

According to the DOH there have been three more virus-related hospitalizations in the past 10 days, and no fatalities reported, and available hospital beds is remaining steady as elective and non-COVID related surgeries are becoming more common.

So according to this statistics:

  • The coronavirus is still present in our community
  • It is NOT currently spreading out of control in our community
  • We should still be wearing masks when in close presence of public, keeping our social distance where possible and washing hands and using sanitizer at every opportunity.