Revel in seeing Osceola County’s coronavirus reporting numbers looking like they do.

With the county working on opening a drive-through testing site, and releasing information in the coming days, a jump in tests may mean a jump in reported cases … or it won’t, the best sign possible for a county “preparing to open our county and community,” County Commission Chair Viviana Janer said at Friday’s Executive Policy Board press conference.

Osceola added just eight cases on Friday, for a total of 392. On the evening of Thursday, April 9, there were 295 cases. It was not a quiet day for new cases (1,413) and fatalities (58) across the state, which now stands at 24,753 and 726.

There are 118 county hospitalizations, and according to the county’s new information dashboard, there are 382 of 1,027 hospital beds (37 percent) available across the county.