The same launch pad where a SpaceX rocket exploded last year will be the site of today’s rocket launch at 10:36am. It was the last time anyone saw this launch pad in use at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, but today’s launch should change all of that.

SpaceX is very focused on getting this launch pad back into service and into their launch scheduling as it has always been intent in frequent launches as it moves closer and closer to manned flight and a mission to Mars. with Launch Pad 40 back in operation SpaceX can basically double their launch frequency from the Space Coast as it moves into 2018.

Earlier this week, officials said they were taking additional time to conduct full inspections and cleanings off the Falcon 9 rocket, and that articles in the second stage fuel system were reportedly found.

Launch pad 40 has a very new look since the explosion last year, and SpaceX has taken the opportunity to reposition nearby launch equipment because of all the collateral damage that took place when the rocket exploded during fueling.

Today at 10:36am the Falcon 9 rocket will deliver a Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station for NASA.

Nearly 4,800 pounds of science experiments and crew supplies will be delivered to help astronauts living at the orbiting space station. Positively Osceola launch coverage via SpaceX will also feature the first stage booster attempt to return to land, also here at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Osceola County may actually hear a sonic boom as the first stage attempts to return to land, so don’t stress if you hear a sonic boom or two shortly before 11am, it’s just SpaceX saving millions of dollars and preparing to visit Mars in the very near future!