Osceola County School Board Member for District 2 Julius Melendez is facing allegations of potential inappropriate conduct by an 18-year-old girl.

According to the Osceola Sheriff’s Office, a complaint was forwarded to them on July 1st by the Osceola County School District after an 18-year-old girl accused School Board Member Julius Melendez of inappropriate conduct.

According to the 18-year-old girl who posted about the incident on her Facebook profile, she began working at Susana’s on April 29th but quit after the incident with Melendez took place on June 29th.

Positively Osceola received this comment from school board member Melendez after we reached out to him. “It’s campaign season, and this is a coordinated political hit to discredit me because of my record of voting against the establishment. I will use all legal means to fight back and prevent these dirty campaign tactics from being used,” School board member Melendez said.

Noted in the Sheriff’s Office Incident report were, 90G Liquor Law Violations, and 13B Simple Assault

The Osceola County Sheriff’s office told Positively Osceola that they investigated the accusation, and have turned the investigation over to the state attorney’s office.