As approved by the County Commission Monday, Osceola County will purchase a 22.8 acre parcel of land from Avatar Properties in order to build a new fire station in Poinciana.

The purchase price of $2,178,180 yields a price of $95,450 per acre, the average price of a pair of appraisals and is contingent on an environmental assessment.

Fire Station 83 will be located near the intersection of Marigold Avenue and the Poinciana Parkway toll road.
According to the purchase agreement, the sale should close by April 20, and Avatar will pay some of the closing costs.
Office of Management and Budget documents show the money coming form a reserve fund for designated capital improvements.

Station 83 would serve the residential communities along Marigold Avenue and Laurel Avenue. Currently the closest stations to those communities are Station 64 near Pleasant Hill Road and Reeves Road, and Station 37 on Cypress Parkway between Poinciana Medical Center and the south end of Poinciana Parkway, which is technically in Polk County.