It’s what everyone is currently talking about in Osceola County, the rapid growth. We are now the 2nd fastest growing county in the state and number 10 in the nation. Such enormous growth brings with it a call to action to accommodate all residents, including those facing transition and homelessness.

For several months, County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry has been spearheading efforts to create a One Stop Crisis Center in Osceola County. She has garnered the assistance and backing of numerous citizens and leaders of organizations who have stood beside her meeting after meeting.  At Monday’s meeting she moved forward looking for her fellow elected officials’ support of her proposed plan.

Currently the idea of a One Crisis Center has not gained support from City and County Commissioners, but its supporters in the community continue to use their voices for what they believe to be a crucial need in Osceola County

At a Board meeting Monday night, 22 individuals, including City of Kissimmee Deputy Mayor Wanda Rentas, addressed the County Commissioners in hopes of swaying their votes on the matter. The One-Stop Center was not a formal item on the meeting’s agenda, instead,  all comments made and discussions took place during the “Hear the Audience” segment. Commissioner Choudhry asked for one million dollars of seed money to get the project moving forward, but to the dismay of Commissioner Choudhry and those in attendance who came to speak,  a motion was not made.

County Chairman Fred Hawkins, Jr addressed Commissioner Choudhry directly, “I commend you for what you are doing. You have worked hard.” His sentiments were echoed by Commissioner Brandon Arrington, “Don’t stop fighting for this.”

So, while the One-Stop Crisis Center did not receive the Commissioners’ approval at this time, its members seem to have heard the voice of its constituents in a way that is refreshing and genuine. No one denies the need of people who, do to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, need a hand. The question is what is the most effective and efficient solution possible, and how will it be funded. The key to a positive solution will be the community working together with their elected officials to process and develop the best method to offer that support, in order to make a positive difference for ALL residents of Osceola County.