On Tuesday, Osceola County Fire Rescue & EMS responded to the west side of Osceola County after receiving a pediatric drowning call, something the Osceola crews have received far too often this year.

Squad 73, Engine 73, Rescue 71, and Battalion 7 were dispatched to Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club around 4 pm on Monday where they found a child conscious, but in need of medical care. After administering medical care Osceola County Fire Rescue & EMS coordinated air transport to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Osceola County Fire Rescue & EMS crews have responded to more than 50 pediatric drowning calls in 2021, far more than they typically receive for these types of tragedies.

“While 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year, one where in-person swim lessons or CPR training was not possible, Osceola County Fire Rescue reminds you that responsible parenting does not stop when your family is on vacation. Always be vigilant for your children’s safety, and always stay within arms-reach of young children when swimming, said Osceola County Fire Rescue & EMS Public Information Coordinator.

According to Osceola County Fire Rescue, the calls have been largely from resort or vacation rental tenants.

Drowning prevention focuses on three key elements: adult supervision, using barriers like pool fences or audible door alarms, and early swimming and pool safety instruction for children – and CPR for adults.