English for Families is a weekly family reading program designed for those whose native language is not English (ESOL). This 10-week program will be offered on Mondays at 6 pm at the Buenaventura Lakes Library beginning March 21, 2022. Families are encouraged to attend each of the 10 sessions to benefit fully from the curriculum.

In this fun and engaging weekly program, parents and children will explore and practice specific reading strategies using various children’s stories. Parents and children will also learn vocabulary and basic grammar to use at each session to help increase confidence and fluency.

Participating families that complete the full 10 weeks will receive two free books at the end of the last session.

Registration is required for each week of the 10-week program. Click the link to get started. The Library will reach out to confirm reservations.

English for Families’ goal is to improve English as a Second Language reading strategies in both children and parents and develop fundamental literacy skills needed for everyday life. Research shows that when parents support good reading habits and get involved in early literacy practices, the child is much more likely to find reading success.

In cases where parents are also learning English, English for Families aims to make parents and children literacy partners. Together the parent acquires English skills for employment and self-sufficiency and the child learns how to improve comprehension and understanding.

Funding for this program was provided by Florida Humanities Council and sponsored in part by the State of Florida, the Department of State, the Division of Arts and Culture, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.