On Monday, Osceola County. The Osceola County School District, Osceola Animal Services, and Snip-It came together to celebrate a soon-to-open low-cost veterinary clinic called “SNiP-it and Wellness Too at Harmony High School” created to serve under-resourced communities in Osceola County.

Harmony has had the facility space in Building 6 for a number of years, but with a grant from PetSmart Charities of $150,000 awarded to Osceola County, they will be able to purchase much-needed equipment and offset operational costs.

Chairman Brandon Arrington opened the ribbon cutting for the clinic by saying, “When we as a community can collaborate together and create new opportunities, not only for our students but also for our citizens, it’s always great for us to forward Osceola County”

Osceola County Animal Services receives thousands of animals into its shelter each year and many of these pets have owners who cannot afford the cost of basic pet care. Access to this new veterinary clinic will be limited to pet owners who are living at or near the poverty level based on the most current data. The new clinic will operate part-time, three days per week.

“This is great,” said Osceola County Commissioner from District 5 Ricky Booth. To have this vet assistant program here at Harmony High School. I’ve always been 100% supportive of that – always been 100% supportive of the agriculture program here which we have expanded over the years. This clinic is an absolute win for everyone involved.”

With the clinic being located at Harmony High School, it will be possible for students interested in becoming Veterinarian Assistants to achieve their 500 hours of practical experience at no cost to them.

School Board Member from District 5 Robert Bass said, “This new clinic is not going to just offer a low-cost alternative for our pet owners in the district, it’s also going to allow our kids here at the school to complete their assistant certification program.”

Osceola County Animal Services Director Kim Staton said, “We’ve been having weekly meetings and grinding through all the details, and Mr. Hickey (Principal of Harmony High School) who has supported this right from the beginning asked  –  Kim, can we make this happen? And I said –  we’re going to make this happen.” 

SNiP-it of Central Florida, a high volume and quality, low-cost spay/neuter animal clinic in August 2016. To date, they have performed over 24,000 surgeries and been a major contributor in controlling the pet population in Osceola County.