Osceola Regional Medical Center held its Annual Trauma Survivor Day Event last week on Thursday, May 15, 2019, honoring survivors who have suffered significant bodily trauma and were given a second chance at life because of the excellent treatment provided by Osceola Regional Medical Center hospital staff, Fire/EMS, LEO, and Air Care services right here in Osceola County.

Located in Kissimmee, Osceola Regional Medical Center was approved as a Level II Trauma Center by the Florida Department of Health on July 1, 2016. Prior to the approval, Osceola Regional Medical Center was designated a Provisional Status Level II Trauma Center and has successfully treated nearly 7,600 patients since the program began in 2015.

During Osceola Regional Medical Center‘s Annual Trauma Survivor Day Event, trauma survivors were reunited with those who helped save their lives. A Trauma Survivor Tree painting was given to each patient along with a coin honoring their courage and strength. The event was an inspiring and beautiful reunion for the survivors of traumatic accidents and their caregivers.

I am a trauma survivor and I thank God for that. On March 14, 2019, I was involved in a motorcycle accident that left me with lots of broken bones including a broken pelvis, 3 broken ribs, dislocated discs, and needing a blood transfusion. I was transferred from Poinciana Medical Center to the Osceola Regional Medical Center’s Trauma Center. I would like to thank the trauma center, they took really great care of me while I was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks and I truly appreciate them. 

Angel Diaz

Trauma Survivor

Osceola Regional Medical Center Trauma Medical Director, Tracy Bilski, thanked all of the emergency responders, healthcare professionals, and organizations that partner with ORMC and who are absolutely dedicated to the survival of the patients that are brought through the doors of the trauma center. Bilski recognized Osceola County Fire Chief Robert Sorenson, Kissimmee Fire Chief Jim Walls, St. Cloud Fire Chief Joe Silvestris and Davide M. Carbone during the event for their continued support and partnership with the hospital. 

“We are here to celebrate people who have gone through something most of us would find unfathomable, and also celebrate the families and the caregivers of those survivors because sometimes their lives were changed more than the person who was injured,” states Tracy Bilski. “We look forward to this every year to celebrate them and give them friendship and fellowship. This event puts right in front of us the purpose of why we do what we do. I walk away from this event never wondering why I do what I do for a living.”

Studies show the sooner patients are admitted into a trauma center, the better their chance for survival, and Osceola County is extremely fortunate to have a Level II Trauma Center with such devoted doctors, nurses, and staff.  Positively Osceola was honored to witness the reunion and celebration of the trauma survivors and the medical teams who cared for them. Those survivors beat the odds, have great courage, and are a true inspiration. We thank Osceola Regional Medical Center for making a Positive Difference in Osceola County!


Photo Credit: Osceola Regional Medical Center