The Osceola County School Board recently approved Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace’s plan for when students return to school for the second semester after Winter Break on January 4, 2021. Plans for the second semester continue to include three options of learning for parents and students to select from. The goal is to provide critical supports for all learners, especially those who are struggling, while also continuing the measures the district has put in place to protect the health and safety of its staff members and students.

Parents wishing to make a change are required to visit the district’s website at by today, December 9 to select which of the following three options they prefer for each of their children for the second semester. No action is needed if your student is continuing in their current learning option from the first semester.

Face-to-face instruction at schools with comprehensive health and safety precautions in place: If face-to-face instruction at school is selected, parents of students who are eligible for transportation and who did not ride the bus first semester will also register their child for a seat on a school bus at that time.
Digital learning with their assigned school following a traditional school day schedule for instruction:

An important change is that students who were digital learners for the first semester will be required to have earned letter grades of A, B, or C in all classes, have a 90% attendance record, and be at grade-level proficiency on standardized assessments to be allowed to stay in digital learning for the second semester.

Virtual learning for students in Grades K-12 with Osceola Virtual School (OVS): This option allows for learning during non-traditional school hours. Students will need to be independent learners to be successful. Not all classes available to face-to-face students are offered by OVS, particularly for students in International Baccalaureate, Advance Placement, arts, and career and technical programs.

Parents wishing to enroll their student(s) in Osceola Virtual School must call 407-870-1445 by December 11.

Osceola’s second-semester plan was created with input from medical professionals, including infectious disease physicians from Nemours Children’s Hospital and guidance from the Osceola County Health Department, and a Back-to-School Task Force made up of parents, teachers, school and district administrators, and members of the Osceola Classroom Education Association.

“The keys to our continued success are in our flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and in providing parents the opportunity to select how instruction will be delivered to their child,” said Superintendent Dr. Debra Pace. “Our priorities remain laser-focused on providing every child, every chance, every day and on the comprehensive plans that have been put into place to keep our students and staff safe and healthy for the successful remainder of the school year.”