Schools in Osceola County will remain closed through Tuesday, September 12, to ensure the safe return of students and staff.  All 12-month employees should check with their supervisor on Monday afternoon to determine their status for Tuesday. Essential personnel may be needed to assist with campus readiness.

At this time, the Osceola School District has determined that make up days for students will not be required.  Under the superintendent’s authority, it has been determined that a waiver is allowed because our school schedules still will meet the required instructional minutes.  Should additional days of closure be necessary, we may have to adjust the calendar.

All students and staff members are reminded to heed the warnings and directions from local agencies responsible for emergency management, and to stay tuned to local information sources for information about the status of school and district operations.


Parents and students are able to find the latest information on schools closures and reopenings at  Information will be posted on the district’s social media accounts, and call-out messages will be made to student homes.  Parents can also call the district’s Community Relations Office at 407-870-4007 for an up-to-date recorded message.