Domestic violence has been on our lips here in Osceola County over the last three months, thanks to high-profile cases that have rocked families and shocked communities.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office unveiled a new piece in its arsenal to keep domestic violence in front of our faces.
As part of a commitment to eradicating the evil that is domestic violence through constant awareness, the agency commissioned a Domestic Violence Awareness Vehicle, introducing it Friday.

It’s is a de-commissioned 2013 Ford Explorer from the department. The purple wrap, at a cost of about $4,600, came from County Commissioner Viviana Janer, Cheyl Grieb and Fred Hawkins Jr.,’s Community Betterment funds.

We are proud to support this effort to bring this awareness to the community and help bring an end to domestic violence in Osceola County.

Viviana Janer

Chairperson, Osceola County Board of Commissioners

It’s not just about the color purple on the vehicle, phone numbers for Help Now of Osceola’s 24-hour crisis hotline (407-847-8562, or 800-500-1119) are on the wrap

Osceola County Sheriff Russell Gibson shared that 24 people per minute are victims of domestic violence in the U.S., and domestic violence hotlines around the country field 20,000 calls daily.

“We want to empower victims who are fortunate enough to surviving, understand they won’t take it anymore, and let them know their lives are precious and have meaning,” he said.

He spoke of the vehicle’s colors — purple as a symbol of peace, courage, survival as a commitment to end domestic violence, and silver “to restore equilibrium and stability to feminine power and spiritual energy. It takes a community to get out there and make a difference when someone might need a helping hand and empower those victims.”

It’s a great and exciting day. For the survivors I can say it’s remarkable to see the community stand up against violence together, and bring awareness that there’s help out there and the community can stand together.

I’m moved by this in a big way. Seeing pink cars for breast cancer years ago made me think, ‘Why can’t we have a purple-inspired car?’ The timing is right for our community for this. We’re able to recognize domestic violence on a different level now.

Tammy Douglass

Executive Director, Help Now Osceola Inc.

Also Friday, Gibson addressed that Gov. Ron DeSantis has information about the Nicole Montalvo murder case on his desk, direct from Attorney General Ashely Moody.

If you or someone you know are being victimized by domestic violence, contact local law enforcement or Help Now to help end it in our community and help make a positive difference.