They are the class of the quarantine.

Born during the aftermath of 9/11, they leave high school facing a virus that canceled everything but their spirit.

To the Class of 2020: This one’s for you.

A proper graduation is scheduled for early July at the Silver Spurs Arena, but with all gatherings canceled this month, high schools are taking proper sendoffs into their own hands.

Osceola High put together a car parade weeks ago through downtown Kissimmee. Last week Harmony High’s Longhorns took their parade through the school grounds — then escaped into the Harmony community with horns blaring.

Friday, the school leaders at Celebration High put theirs together. It was well planned, and they needed every bit of that plan.

And this morning (Saturday), St. Cloud will hail its 2020 seniors with a parade through downtown, beginning at 10 a.m. at the Lakefront marina basin. The route goes down Pennsylvania Avenue, around City Hall and back up Massachusetts Avenue back to the lakefront.

Friday, Celebration had seniors gather up at a parking lot about two miles away from school. It was the proper “social distance”, because once seniors lined up on Celebration Boulevard with their families, the road was lined with cars the whole way.

And once they reached campus, a string of teachers were waiting with some swag bags, the beats thumped through speakers, and Principal Connor Gilbert was on the mike to announce each senior in their decorated cars.

It was over an hour of different positive facial expressions and reactions from the seniors. A few of the ones heard:

“Thank you!”
“This is awesome!”
“I can’t believe it!”
“You’re really trying to make me miss you!”

Gilbert called out what had to be a few hundred names … and still had a voice left at the end.

“And I loved every minute of it,” he said. “It’s not the way we wanted to end, for sure. But it’s great to get to see these great kids one last time here at school, and we did it at the same time we would have walked at the Silver Spurs. It just shows the spirit of Storm Nation.”

And now … St. Cloud … your’re up. Positively Osceola will be in St. Cloud LIVE on Facebook showing the smiling faces of the grads, the proud parents and grandparents, and friends and residents who just want to come out to say… CONGRATS!