Deb Barra has been a prosecutor for over 16 years in Orange and Osceola counties. Over the course of her career, she has completed more than 100 trials that have involved charges that ranged from misdemeanors to the death penalty. Deb has prosecuted nearly every type of offense; however, her passion has always been, and remains, the prosecution of sexual offenders and predators.

To date, Deb has personally convicted 43 child molesters/rapists including three serial rapists. She was also able to obtain Florida’s first life sentence for a defendant charged with human trafficking.

In addition to her extensive trial work, Deb has held leadership/management positions under three elected State Attorneys, all of whom had vastly different leadership styles.

Her leadership roles include: 

• Chief Assistant State Attorney (Ayala Administration)

• Trial Unit Director (Ashton Administration)

• Homicide prosecutor (Ashton Administration)

• Section Leader of the Special Victims Unit (Ashton Administration)

• Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit (Lamar Administration)

In her current role as Chief Assistant State Attorney, Deb supervises over 165 assistant state attorneys and manages the day to day operations of the office. Some of her job responsibilities include the hiring of assistant state attorneys, the implementation of policies, and the prosecution of cases.

In addition, she is responsible for reviewing all cases involving the use of deadly force used by members of law enforcement. As a result, Deb performed a 6-month review of the events that occurred during the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting. The results of her review lead to all officers being cleared of any wrongdoing and the conclusion that no civilians were struck by bullets fired by police officers. 
Deb has been selected as one of two prosecutors in the state of Florida to teach prosecutors how to best prosecute sex offenders.

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For the past 16 years, I have had the privilege of being a prosecutor in Orange and Osceola counties. Each day for 16 years, I have walked into the State Attorney’s Office and strived to do justice. I have tried over 100 trials, I have prosecuted every crime imaginable from misdemeanor offenses to homicides, I have dropped cases because I did not believe the person accused committed the crime, and I have been chosen to serve as a manager under three different state attorneys. Three state attorneys, each of whom had a different vision as to what the role of a state attorney should be.

Over the course of time, I have had the benefit to observe, listen and most importantly learn. I have learned what is effective and often what is not effective. I have learned how critically important transparency is for public trust, how necessary partnerships and relationships are to better this community, how vital training is for attorneys, and how important it is to understand that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

But perhaps most important, I have learned that as State Attorney you set the standard for justice in this community so you’d better know what you’re doing and you’d better know how to do it.

I consider this race to be the biggest trial of my life. I am prepared, I am qualified and I am ready.

Deborah Barra

Candidate for State Attorney, 9th Judicial Circuit

A lifelong Central Floridian, Barra has also been an instructor of various legal classes at the Police Academy for over 10 years. Deb is a graduate of Dr. Phillips High School, Flagler College and the University of Florida College of Law.

High profile cases prosecuted by Deb include Darryl Patterson (Windermere rapist), Joel Pappas (Eastside rapist), Scott Batterson (Expressway Authority Board member), Aaron George (Human Trafficker) and Juan Rosario (Death Penalty case).

She interned at the State Attorney’s Office while attending law school — and has never left the office. 

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