Toho Water Authority is encouraging the traveling public to use caution when approaching the Willow Bend Trail and Crescent Lakes Way intersection in Poinciana. A needed sewer rehabilitation project in the area is being assessed and workers may be present. Signage is in place and sidewalks have been closed and diverted in the area for everyone’s safety. The road may be uneven due to temporary steel plating installed on the road.

The sewer rehabilitation project is currently in its assessment and design phase, which is expected to be completed in three months. The project itself is expected to take another three months to complete. Schedules could vary according to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. In the meantime, temporary sewer bypass pumps and piping have been installed to provide continuous sewer service.

· Noise and vibrations
· Barricades for safety
· Trucks, machinery and equipment
· Possible odors from sewer system

· If you see a potentially unsafe situation or equipment that requires attention, please contact Toho’s Customer Service Department immediately at 407-944-5000.
· If you become aware of a public safety emergency, please call 911 immediately.

For more information, please call our Customer Service at 407-944-5000 or visit for more project details and updates.