More local officials are weighing in on the legal response to the case of Nicole Montalvo, a murdered St. Cloud mother.

Last week, Sheriff Russ Gibson spoke of getting help from state Rep. Mike La Rosa to take the case to the office of Attorney General Ashely Moody after receiving sharp criticism from 9th District State Attorney Aramis Ayala about Gibson’s local handling of the case.

Late Tuesday night, Florida House of Representative from District 42, Mike La Rosa, released a statement through his office, noting a familiarity with domestic violence calls and cases through family members that were career law enforcement officers.

In the Nicole Montalvo case, it is troublesome that given the number of violent encounters this matter was not elevated. From the beginning of the Nicole Montalvo tragedy, I have expressed a keen interest in possible legislative remedies that would help prevent such events from happening again in the State of Florida.

I have on several occasions reached out to the Montalvo Family and Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson and will consider their input as crucial as we move forward on the issue. It is my goal during this Florida Legislative Session to bring all parties together to see if there are viable legislative solutions.

Mike La Rosa

Representative District 42, Florida House of Representatives

As a reminder, a St. Cloud woman has created a Change.Org petition to create the awareness that, she hopes turns criminal domestic violence charges from misdemeanors to felonies.

Tamara Greene was a friend of Nicole Montalvo, who’s murder has been on the minds of the community since the gruesome late October discovery.
You can find the petition here.