Positively Osceola would like to introduce you to Reverend Mary Lee Downy. This remarkable woman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Hope Center, a non-profit organization that she founded in 2013. On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, Positively Osceola along with Charlie Draper of Draper Law Office surprised, celebrated and honored Rev. Mary Lee Downy with the Positive Community Leader Award for making a positive difference in Osceola County.

Rev. Downy opened the Community Hope Center to provide services to the homeless and disenfranchised in Osceola County, focusing on a “Housing First” model of care while including a strong position regarding poverty alleviation.  In the last four years, The Community Hope Center has served over 27,000 individuals throughout Central Florida, all while under the leadership of Rev. Mary Lee Downy and the team she has built. Reverend Downey is quick to point the attention to her team and away from herself, and credits her team for the impact that the Community Hope Center has had on the Osceola County Community.

“This amazing team of individuals who work for the Community Hope Center put their heart and their soul in providing care for families in need, said Reverend Downey.

Rev. Downy also serves as the Director of Missions at Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration Florida and is a Provisional Deacon in the United Methodist Church for the Florida Annual Conference.

Thank you Reverend Mary Lee Downy for showing passion and compassion for people who need it the most and for making a positive difference in Osceola County.  For more information on the Community Hope Center, visit hope192.com.