Krystal, a well-known fast food chain in the southeastern United States, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Krystal reported that there were several contributing factors toward its bankruptcy pursuit, including increased competition, changing consumer tastes, and the popularity of online delivery solutions.

Krystal also cited that the tight labor market has it made it hard to find quality “long-staying” employees, and that it’s not unusual for fast food service restaurants to have a 200% turnover rate.

“These challenges (together with company-specific business challenges) have resulted in deteriorating financial performance,” wrote Jonathan Tibus, Krystal’s chief restructuring officer.

Krystal’s Chapter 11 filing has revealed that the company currently has debts between $50 million and $100 million dollars and that its will keep the restaurants open during the bankruptcy process.

“The actions we are taking are intended to enable Krystal to establish a stronger business for the future and to achieve a restructuring in a fast and efficient manner,” a Krystal spokesperson said in a statement. The company is best known for serving hamburgers on steamed square buns.

Krystal, which says it is the second-oldest quick-service restaurant in the US, has about 300 restaurants and employs 7,500 people.

The fast food company has been experimenting with a new, smaller store size build that it has credited for boosting sales at those stores.