The Silver Spurs Riding Club has crowned the newest Queens to wear the hat of Miss, Junior Miss and Little Miss Silver Spurs and more, Thursday night at their 62nd Miss Silver Spurs Rodeo Pageant in the Silver Spurs Arena. After an intense competition filled with grace, talent, and dedication, these exceptional young women have risen to the pinnacle of the rodeo world, ready to represent the Silver Spurs Rodeo and its rich heritage.

The Miss Silver Spurs Rodeo Pageant is a time-honored tradition, showcasing the talents and achievements of remarkable young women who embody the spirit of the rodeo. This year’s queens have proven themselves to be not only accomplished equestrians, but also outstanding ambassadors for their community.

The 2023 Miss Silver Spurs Queens are:

  • Miss Silver Spurs – Riley DeRosa
  • Junior Miss Silver Spurs – Lindsey Yma
  • Little Miss Silver Spurs – Ivey Rousch

1st Runner-Up:

  • Little Miss – Sloan Leonardo
  • Junior Miss – Ava Boisclair
  • Miss – Bailee Jeannin

Miss Congeniality Award Winners:

  • Little Miss – Nora Laughrey
  • Junior Miss – Josie Rae Cain
  • Miss – Hailey Wall

Doug Partin Spirit Award: Hailey Wall

Miss Aileen “Bill” Chapman Horsemanship Award:

  • Junior Miss: Lindsey Yma
  • Miss: Riley DeRosa

Miss Photogenic:

  • Little Miss – Ivey Rousch
  • Junior Miss – Lindsey Yma
  • Miss – Riley DeRosa
Miss Silver Spurs
Miss Silver Spurs
Miss Silver Spurs
Miss Silver Spurs
Miss Silver Spurs
Miss Silver Spurs

These exceptional young women will serve as ambassadors of the Silver Spurs Rodeo, promoting its rich traditions, values, and Western heritage at various events throughout the year. They will engage with the community, volunteer for charitable causes, and inspire others with their remarkable accomplishments.

The Silver Spurs Riding Club members would like to extend congratulations to the newly crowned Miss Silver Spurs Rodeo Queens of 2023. Their commitment, dedication, and passion for the rodeo make them shining examples of the values the Silver Spurs Rodeo upholds.

The queens will make their first official appearance during the upcoming 151st Silver Spurs Rodeo, held June 2nd and 3rd at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida. This thrilling event will bring together the finest rodeo athletes and enthusiasts from across the nation for an unforgettable celebration of Western culture and traditions.

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