As the Osceola County Fair makes its much-anticipated return to Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee from February 9-18, it brings not just the thrill of rides and the excitement of games, but an array of positively delicious fair food that is a feast for the senses!

Here’s a savory sneak peek into what your taste buds can anticipate at this year’s fair, a culinary adventure proudly sponsored by Experience Kissimmee, KUA, and Florida Coast Equipment.

Pizza Fair Food
Fair Food
Fair Food

Here’s just a sampling of the deliciousness coming to the Osceola County Fair:

  • Walking Tacos: Enjoy your favorite taco fixings in a handy, portable bag – perfect for strolling around the fairgrounds.
  • Mexican Street Corn: Savor the rich, smoky flavors of grilled corn slathered in creamy, spicy goodness.
  • Snow Cones: Cool down with a rainbow of flavors in this icy, sweet treat.
  • Soft Pretzels: Twist your way into salty, doughy delight with these warm, buttery treasures.
  • Deep Fried Oreos: Indulge in this ultimate guilty pleasure – Oreos taken to a new level of decadence.
  • Hot Dogs and Sausages: Relish the classic flavors of perfectly grilled, snappy hot dogs and sausages.
  • Steak Tips: Savor the succulent, marinated bites of tender steak, grilled to perfection.
  • Fried Pickles: Pucker up for crunchy, tangy fried pickles, a deep-fried delight that’s oddly addictive.
  • Pulled Pork: Get your hands on some smoky, juicy pulled pork, a BBQ masterpiece that melts in your mouth.
  • Pizza: Grab a slice of gooey, cheesy goodness – a universal crowd-pleaser.
  • Caramel and Candy Apples: Bite into the sweet, sticky bliss of these classic fair treats.
  • Popcorn: Enjoy the simple pleasure of freshly popped kernels, a must-have at any fair.
  • Ice Cream: Beat the Florida heat with scoops of creamy, dreamy ice cream.
  • Burgers: Feast on juicy, grilled-to-perfection burgers, a hearty fair favorite.
  • Fried Dough: End your culinary adventure on a sweet note with warm, sugary, and utterly comforting fried dough.
Fair Food
Fair Food
Fair Food
Fair Food
Fair Food

Every bite at the Osceola County Fair is an experience in itself, blending tradition, innovation, and flavors from around the world. As you delight in these delectable offerings, you’ll understand why fair food is one of the top reasons people flock to the fair year after year.

So mark your calendars for the Osceola County Fair, a celebration of community, culture, and cuisine. With the support of our sponsors, Experience Kissimmee, KUA, and Florida Coast Equipment, this year’s fair promises unforgettable experiences for all. For more information, visit Get ready to indulge in the fun and flavors that await you at the Osceola County Fair – where every day is a new adventure!