Digital learning will be all new in Osceola County on Monday.

It’s not the only thing that’s all new.

The School Board held a virtual meeting on Thursday morning, meeting separately but brought together by web technology. Just like how the online teaching probably will go first thing Monday morning, there were some bugs to work out, but the board members and support staff from the media technology department were able to discuss how students would be accessing their assignment through the ClassLink app and Microsoft Teams.

Another tutorial is available on YouTube.

Some more highlights from Thursday’s meeting:

While school grades will not be given out this year, student grades will still be. School is still in session, it will just look a little different.

Students will engage in curriculum every day, and many teacher will be able to participate in live communication or “vlogs” using the Remind app.

What School Board member Tim Weisheyer called “team of heroes” is plotting a plan that will be adapted and deployed.

“School, like church, is more than being within four walls together for learning or worshiping,” he said.

Unfortunately, proms and Grad Nite/Bash events are canceled. At this time the district is holding on to still having traditional graduation ceremonies the end of May.