SeaWorld Orlando’s Concert Series continues Saturday night inside its Nautilus Theatre with Pop Evil at 6pm. All concerts are included with park admission, but seats are limited in the theatre. Reserved and VIP seats are available for purchase at

Pop Evil is an American rock band formed in 2001. They are known for their energetic performances and a blend of hard rock, alternative rock, and post-grunge influences. The band has undergone some lineup changes throughout the years, but their current members are:

  • Leigh Kakaty (lead vocals)
  • Dave Grahs (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
  • Nick Fuelling (lead guitar, backing vocals)
  • Matt DiRito (bass, backing vocals)
  • Hayley Cramer (drums)

Pop Evil gained popularity with their breakout album, “Lipstick on the Mirror,” released in 2008, which featured hit singles like “Hero” and “100 in a 55.” Since then, they have released several successful albums, including “War of Angels” (2011), “Onyx” (2013), and “Pop Evil” (2018). Some of their well-known songs include “Trenches,” “Footsteps,” “Waking Lions,” and “Deal with the Devil.”

The band has toured extensively and has shared the stage with notable rock acts such as Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, and Stone Sour. They are known for their high-energy live performances and their ability to connect with their fans.