Experience the vibrant color and rich culture of Viva la Música, returning to SeaWorld for five festive weekends from June 1st to June 30th. This family-friendly Latin celebration is included with park admission and features an array of Latin entertainment, from thrilling live music to dynamic dance performances. With the park’s coolest attractions and animal adventures as your backdrop, each Saturday and Sunday will offer something exciting for everyone. Don’t miss out on the sound, spice, and spirit of this special event that captures the essence of Latin culture.

Get in the spirit of Viva la Música and let the rhythm move you! Dance to red-hot performances featuring Latin classics such as Salsa, Barangay, and Tango. The Fiesta Zone will be buzzing with energy, offering live music and entertainment that’s sure to get everyone on their feet. It’s a perfect opportunity for the whole family to engage with the music, with special kid-friendly songs and dances that will keep even the little ones entertained. Make your weekends at SeaWorld unforgettable with these vibrant musical offerings that bring the culture to life.

For families looking to get hands-on, the Kids Maraca Making Craft station at the Lakeside Patio next to Sharks Plaza offers a fun-filled activity. Children can immerse themselves in the festival by making their own colorful maracas and shaking along to the beats of Viva la Música. Be sure to check out the live concerts at Nautilus Theater for a chance to see some of the best Latin artists in action.

Whether you’re swaying to the melodies or exploring the rest of the park’s attractions, SeaWorld’s Viva la Música promises a unique blend of excitement and cultural celebration every weekend in June.