AND IT’S A BABY… ALBINO ALLIGATOR!  Wild Florida’s superstar albino alligator parents Snowflake & Blizzard have done it again with the successful hatching of another baby albino alligator. The gator park’s newest addition recently hatched out of one of 9 eggs, making it Wild Florida’s third year in a row with albino gator babies successfully hatching.

Wild Florida remains the ONLY park on the planet Earth that has successfully bred albino alligators. In May 2017, Wild Florida acquired Blizzard and Snowflake who became the first pair of breeding albino alligators in Central Florida and one of the few places in the world where visitors can see these rare animals. Blizzard and Snowflake give visitors to Wild Florida from around the world a unique opportunity to not only learn more about alligators, but also the special care that goes into housing an albino species.

Congratulation to everyone on the Wild Florida team, and congratulations to the baby albino gator for being born at Central Florida’s most amazing attraction and caring place for animals from ALL over the world!

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